Why choose fibre?

over ADSL or other competitors

Fibre is a faster and more elegant solution than ADSL with speeds that are in orders of magnitude faster.

As a bonus, you don’t require a landline!

A high-speed connection, comprehensive security, and much higher reliability makes it an excellent choice for users seeking to improve efficiency and lessen frustrations in the home or office.


Data can be transmitted at 31% slower than the speed of light (that is still incredibly fast!) allowing speeds of up to 100Mbps to be almost guaranteed.


These disturbances can impact traditional cable and wireless connections and are often caused by an object that carries electrical currents such as power lines.

Fiber optic internet is well-guarded against inclement weather. Fiber cables are also resistant to corrosion making it a viable option for properties that could be impacted by salt and seawater. These conditions can damage traditional copper cables and compromise the connection of some wireless solutions.

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